My Theory on Powercuts

Tanzanimage Blog 48I (along with anyone else) dislike powercuts. However to keep myself occupied during them I think of reasons for why they are caused. I am now lying to myself saying that there is a man where the electricity is made and he switches a button that turns off the power just to laugh at us. I know it’s (probably) not true but it keeps me entertained. That’s just how my mind works.



Serengeti Safari

Tanzanimage Blog 47

From Monday to Wednesday me and my family went to the Serengeti (it apparently should be pronounced ‘see-reen-getty’ ) It was an extremely exciting few days and we saw loads and loads of animals/birds listed below:

An Avocet
Banded Mongoose
A Black winged stilt
A Black-back Jackal
Black-Faced Monkeys
Common Waterbucks
Cori Bustards
A Dik-Dik
Egyptian Geese
Golden Jackals
Grant’s Gazelles
Go Crested Cranes
Grey Herons
Ground Hornbills
Guinea Fowl
A Leopard
A Leopard Tortoises
Lesser Flamingos
Maribu Storks
Masai Giraffe
Moniter Lizard
An Orange-Vented Buffalo Weaver
A Pelican
Superb Starlings
Thompson’s Gazelles
Yellow beak storks

A few particularly exciting sights that I saw in particular were the  Golden Jackels, the Hyenas and Leopard. This is because The first of the Jackels and Hyenas were spotted by me without anyone else noticing. The Leopard was also quite special because they (along with cheetahs which we hadn’t managed to spot) are extremely rare. The rhino’s would have been good also, however we could only see them on the horizon so we didn’t get a clear view of them. We intend to go back to the Serengeti and Ngorogoro crater (where rhino’s are found) in about a years time so maybe we’ll see rhino’s and cheetahs more clearly then.

First Half Term, Eighth Way Through

Tanzanimage Blog 46

This school half term has appeared to go extremely fast. I recently found out that I am an eighth of the way through education as exams for yr 12 & 13 start after easter. This is very surprising but also seems logical in a way. Like when you remember doing something that seemed to have happened yesterday but  you know it happened ages ago. It also is scary because I now no it will be like no time at all till exams and then visiting the UK. It makes me also realise how quickly things will happen such as becoming 18 in less than two years. Let’s make sure life doesn’t accelerate too quickly.


First Time Cooking Fish

Tanzanimage Blog 45

My dad has this boys night thing every Thursday and as he doesn’t particularly like fish, me, my mum and my sister  have now decided to have some every week. Today was my first time cooking it. It was suprisingly easy to cook and I quite enjoyed it. The particular fish is called a Tilapia and is a very common fish found in lake Victoria. It tastes very nice and would argue that it is better than Cod. I wonder what other fish taste better.

Nyerere Day

Tanzanimage Blog 44

Yesterday was Nyerere Day in Tanzania (named after the first Tanzanian president) so me and my family went to ‘Papa’s’ as school wasn’t on. It took an hour’s drive to get there. The scenery was amazing and so was the lunch we had there. We had lunch at this restaurant that looked a bit like a large thatched house (imagine a stereotypical African mud hut on a larger scale made from wood). I had steak which kinda tasted of both ghoat and beef at the same time. It was good though considering what some other food has tasted here. I would enjoy going back another day.

My Weekend

(Sorry this is late I should have written this on Saturday and Sunday)

Riding in a Dalla-Dalla

Tanzanimage Blog 42

Today (Saturday) I rode in a Dalla-Dalla. Now a Dalla-Dalla is a cross between a bus and a minivan. I personally dislike them because they can get crowded. However, today it wasn’t so bad as it wasn’t particularly full to begin with. It was also pretty hilarious when the exhaust fell partially so the driver just pulled it off completely and put it in the vehicle. Definitely a highlight of the weekend.

My Watch is Broke

Tanzanimage Blog 43

We went swimming today but unfortunately I forgot to remove my watch. So now my watch is stuck in a beaker of rice in attempt to make it work again. We’ll have to wait and see.

Pink Day at School

Tanzanimage Blog 41

It was mufty day at school today and at the school everyone should wear an item of clothing of a certain colour. This time it was pink. However, most boys (including me) don’t have red so I decided to wear my red top that I bought recently. Turns out that most boys had the same problem so there was quite a lot of purple/red in school today. The pink was to support girls without education. We all had to give 1000TZS (£0.40) to fund that. Maybe next time the clothing will be more unisex.